Here’s What You Need To Know Before Installing New Flooring

When considering upgrading the flooring within your business or home, unless you’ve done your homework, there are a number of question you should be asking potential suppliers. By asking these questions, it gives the impression you have the necessary knowledge to be taken seriously and that you mean business. Floormaster is the best option in our opinion to get your desired floor.


Here are four of the most common questions you should be asking before conducting any work with suppliers:


What is the turnaround time when upgrading your flooring?

This will largely be dependent on the type of flooring solution you install. If you’re considering interlocking flooring and if it’s a medium sized room, you can expect a day to complete the project. The same would go for epoxy flooring, based on the size of your room, this will take slightly longer than a day to complete.


How easy is it to maintain the flooring solution?

For most of the flooring solutions, there’ll be recommended cleaning techniques which should be used. The beauty of both interlocking floor and epoxy coating is they can both be cleaned with a damp mop on a regular basis.


Will these flooring solutions become slippery after the upgrade?

Depending on where you’re installing the flooring, you shouldn’t experience the floor being slippery. If it’s a high traffic area like a restaurant kitchen, it’s recommended you rather go with a flooring solution like rubber interlocking flooring. If you’re looking for flooring for your manufacturing plant, you can consider using epoxy flooring.


What is the guarantee on the flooring?

All flooring solutions come with their unique guarantee. This is due to the product they’re made from and what their intended purpose is. You can expect the guarantee to be based on the flooring application.


These are just four of the questions you should be asking before going ahead with the installation of your new flooring. For a reliable quote, contact the team at Floormaster, a flooring company in Cape Town. With their many years of experience in the industry, they’ll be sure to assist you with any questions you may have.

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