3 Ways To Protect Your Business From Theft This Festive Season

Image846As the retail industry prepares for a large increase in sales with the festive season is approaching, they’re also working on disaster recovery plans should anything go wrong. With a general rise in crime over this period, businesses are having to put a number of safety precautions in place to guarantee both their stock as well as their staff are protected. Luck for you SPS is here to help you with all this


Make Sure There Is Sufficient Lighting


Care should be taken so that there is sufficient lighting at the entrance and exit points of your business. By doing this it should hopefully discourage the most motivated thief from approaching your business premises after hours.


Having sufficient lighting can can work in conjunction with safety cameras and should anything happen, you can clearly see all people moving past your business on these closed circuit cameras.


Conduct Random Inventory Spot Checks


As businesses should all have inventory sheets on file, you can conduct random inventory spot checks to see that all stock on hand as well as sales for the day matchup. This is sure to keep all staff on their toes as they’ll be held accountable for their sections and what goes on in it. Should there be security on site, it should be a trained person to act as a final barrier to make sure no goods are leaving the store unpaid for.


Communication Is Key

having regular talks with your staff and making them apart of the family and business is a great idea to have employees that trust you and are loyal to you and the business. you could even adopt a two radio communication channel with your team that is out on the road this way you can include them with the day to day tasks and company updates.


Introduce Polygraph Lie Detector Tests


This should be implemented as a last resort but all staff should be informed that you’ll be introducing the use of polygraph tests for a short period of time. Should you choose to do this randomly you’ll need to get your employee’s to agree upfront to taking the test.


These are just 3 ways in which you can start taking proactive measures to ensure your business is secure over this festive season. This will result in all employees knowing there will be a no tolerance policy and theft won’t be tolerated. Make sure to keep every thing as safe as possible.


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